Wireless Microphone Dead Zones?!

All of us remember the advertising of Verizon Wireless where the technician is walking around to different areas saying “Can You Hear Me Now?”  Well, they never let us hear the other side of the conversation…  Over the next few weeks, I am going to be dedicating a few posts to wireless microphones and how they work.  Specifically, the Radio Frequency part of the wireless microphone system.

Moments of NO sound, DEAD ZONE!

A few months ago, I was listening to the pastor speaking at my church and I kept hearing a small spot of sound where he wasn’t coming through the PA.  Our church uses a Shure wireless microphone system on the pastor.  Whenever he would walk around, it seemed that there was a dead spot in the antenna coverage in one small area.  During those brief moments, no sound from the pastor was coming through the speakers.

Being a ham radio operator, KD7QCU, I am intrigued in the idea of trying to devise a cost effective way of solving the reception issues.  In my next blog posts I will be talking about my ideas for solving these issues in a cost-effective way.  So stay “tuned”, pun intended!

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