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by Drew Brashler in All Posts, Behringer X32
April 24, 2013 18 comments

I last updated about the use of the Behringer X32 digital sound board back in September.  So, today I am reporting on its use and quality over the last 1/2 year.

Behringer X32 Update

The Behringer X32 is sold as a 32 channel digital board.  As you may know, at North Ridge, we switched from a 48 channel Allen & Heath ML4000 and that we have a mono pa system.  The X32 is secretly a 38 channel board.  This is due to the 6 additional “aux inputs” on the back of the board.  These show up in the “AUX IN/USB/FX RETURNS” tab of the console.  These aux inputs are a line level input and have a gain adjustment of +/- 12 dB.  Because our system is mono, I am able to sum the Left and Right outputs of our CD player and computer into mono to take up one channel each.  For some stereo systems, you may have to use an external sub console for combining your audio/visual needs into a single pair of Aux In’s of the board.  Some Kramer Video switchers include audio switching internally, so this is another valid option.

Behringer X32 Common Questions

The two most common questions that I get about this console are:

  • How does the console sound?
  • How is the quality of the console?

The sound of the console is very clean and clear.  In comparison to our analog Allen & Heath ML4000, I much prefer the X32.  The transients seem a lot more clear.  I was able to notice the largest difference on the clarity of our choir during our traditional service.  I could for the first time hear the pronunciation of the words they were singing.

Equalizers on the console are beautiful sounding.  It takes very little adjustment of the gain to notice the adjustment you just made.  The 800×480 TFT display gives you a graphical representation of the EQ, which for volunteers who haven’t spent the last 5 years perfecting their ears to discern frequencies, really enjoy.  I have had a lot of techs come to me and mention that EQ’ing a channel is much easier to understand with the graphical representation of it.

The built in compressor and gate give you a good handle of the dynamics of each channel, in combination with sub groups you can keep a very consistent level out sound in your venue or house of worship.

Input to Output Delay

As far as specs go, the delay of the console from the XLR input to the balanced outputs is 0.7ms.  This is one of the lowest delays in the industry.  At a sample rate of 48 kHz, it has a frequency range of 10 Hz to 22 kHz at 0 dB to -1 dB over the spectrum.  Lastly it has a typical analog input to analog output dynamic range of 106dB.

Next question is about quality.  I purchased two consoles, one for each of our main rooms at North Ridge Community Church.  Both consoles have been consistant and flawless with no apparent problems at all, aside from the accidental routing issues from time to time which is a operator problem ;-).

The faders on the console are very solid feeling and the motion is very fluid.  Rotary knobs do not have a lot of slop and are a good size for fingers.  Changing pages on the console from channels 1-16 and 17-32, all of the faders flip very quickly and accurately.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the purchase of our two X32’s.  Training has been aided with my YouTube videos which can be found at  Any sound tech that has mixed on an analog console can be brought up to speed on the X32 in about 30 mins to an hour.

Would I purchase it again?  YES!  In fact with the new X32 Producer is a rack mountable version!  So, I would love to upgrade our mobile system to have this.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  Also if any of you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area and would like a hands on tour of the X32, drop me an email and we can set up a time.

  1. netmikey says:

    Hey Drew, I came across your blog and youtube channel this morning and here I am, 7 hours later, having watched the majority of your videos and read a good chunk of your blog articles. I really enjoyed taking the “virtual technical tour” on your church and having you explain everything in detail, it’s VERY appreciated! Personally, I’m looking into the X32 as a replacement for my old Behringer DDX3216. Primarily, I’m doing the (live-)mixing of our band – while playing the keyboards. I know this is pretty unusual, but I’ve been doing it from the very beginning and it works out very well for me (also, fellow musicians confirmed that the result sounds great, so I guess that just works for us :)). I’ve been sticking with 19″ mixers from the beginning to be able to reach every part of the console quickly while performing. Now, we just switched to a 24-channel Soundcraft analog mixer for rehearsals, which is about 7″ wider than our usual 19″ consoles. I’m gonna have to get used to it. As far as I can tell (and as far as the specs go), the X32 is even wider, right? It must be about double the size of a 19″ device and I’m wondering if that’s something you could reasonably put on (the side of) the stage. I’m just thinking out loud here though, I guess I’ll have to get my hands on an X32 in a store somewhere and see if it suits me 😉 I know that Behringer has the new, more compact, X32’s coming out soon, but I feel nervous about having only 8 input channels at hand at any given time 😉 Aaaanyway, keep up the great work at your church and on the internet! 🙂
    Best regards, Mike

    1. Yeah the X32 Producer is the one to look at when it starts to ship. That console will be a perfect fit for any church out of a box or traveling band that likes to have one main rack of stuff. I believe the 8 faders on the left in combination with the 8 DCA’s on the right you can have a very good mix going. Having your DCA’s set up as an example Vocals, Guitars, Keys, Drums, Bass would be the main ones, and you still have an additional 3. You could use the others for splitting the vocals to Lead Vox and Background Vox. Or sperate the drums to Snare with Kick and another dca with the rest of the kit. There is a lot of options for setup, and I really believe you should have no issues with only 8 at a time on the left. If you need more, you could always have an iPad on the side!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Thank you so much for all the information you are posting. As we make the transition from Analog to Digital, I have been torn on what system to get. Your videos, and hands on experience in ministry has been a very valuable tool for me to use. Keep it up brother!! Thanks again!

  3. Nick says:

    Hello my name is Nick Hodge.. I’m out in Ventura Ca. At Avenue Community Church and have bean doing the sound here for the past 12yr… I came a cross your video on the “Behringer X32” and I have question… Can you mix in the FX. in to 6 individual Ch. Like I can have up to 4 to 6 singers and will like to give then there own FX. to there voice??

  4. Hey Drew just watched your x32 video of bi-amp + sub. 1 question. does this eliminate the need for a crossover outboard? i would like to be able to have full control over everything and this seems like thats exactly what it does.

  5. Rob says:

    Hey drew,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to blog this stuff and the videos – it’s so helpful. I’m the worship pastor at a church in Sydney called Northridge vineyard church (strange coincidence!) and we’re planning to replace our ageing mackie mixer. Being a keen sound tech as well, I’m very interested in the x32 and have got the sound team thinking about the step up from analogue to digital. One of my reservations has been the fact that we currently use the aviom system, and until we replace this I’m worried about not having enough outputs from the x32 to continue using the avioms, whilst still having outputs for FOH, recording, crèche room, etc? Any thoughts on this?
    Cheers and blessings

  6. Patrick says:

    We just got the X32 this week. The one thing I can’t figure out on how to do properly is the nursery feed. Any recommendations?

  7. Matt Russell says:


    We are upgrading to the X32 and new EVA speakers/subs. I would like independent sub control but would like the feel of having the sub control beside the main level control, how have you found best to achieve this?


  8. Eistein says:

    Hi, Drew,
    I´ve seen your video using iPad App for X32. It works really fine.
    I saw this desk last November during a short visit at Guitar Center, NYC. It was awesome!
    But, Sadly in my native country Colombia, Behringer is synonymous of poor quality!
    After see X32 videos, reference with big users like Coal Chamber and your information I´m something confused!
    In Colombia, 9 mixers X32 were returned to plant due to fails in operating system!!!
    Anyway, I think that X32 is my next step for my heavy metal bands.
    Maybe I can get a free trial with Behringer to use this desk in a near future to check the reality.
    Is X32 good or not?

  9. Jim Essner says:

    Drew, I am trying to figure out if I should be able to change a channel to a different preset in the library from an Ipad using X-32 mix. It looks like this should work but nothing happens when I hit the button to confirm the load of the new preset. Also i have not been able to save a preset trom the Ipad. Any thoughts?

  10. calli7333 says:

    hi! I form Korean. I study X32, Thank you.

  11. Miran says:

    Hello Drew
    I watched few video, great tutorials….Thank you, will you conceder to post some of the show presets?
    Thank you

  12. Larry Shibler says:

    Hi Drew!

    I have watched many of your tutorials videos on the x32 and other items that you have presented and love your great work! The one that helped me a lot was the video you presented called “Behringer X32 – Board Setup Case Study – Jerry” Here you showed in detail how to set up a live 5 piece band. If there was any way I could compensate you for your help I would like to do that. Let me know and below is the set up that I’m trying to configure for a 4 piece live band I would like to set it up as stereo.

    Vocal 1

    Vocal 2

    Vocal 3


    Lead guitar




    Tom 1

    Tom 2

    Tom 3

    Fl. Tom 1

    Hi Hat


    4 in ear monitor system

    QSC KW122 Mains

    QSC KW 181 Subs

    I have a x32 Behringer Producer mixer with a Digital Snake s16.

    Plus I have a TC-Helicon VoiceLive Rack that I would like to send it to any channel depending who is singing which needs those special vocal F/X.(I really didn’t want to plug the mic directly in the VoiceLive Rack I would like the VoiceLive Rack to be sent into the mixer so the vocalist wouldn’t have to share the mic when they take turns singing lead)

    Plus I’m using a Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16 as a backing track player. And I use about 6 separate tracks (how would I make this stereo?)

    Track 1(Backing Vocals)

    Track 2(Piano/Synth)

    Track 3(Percussion/Hand Claps)

    Track 4(Backing Guitar)

    Track 5(Bass)

    Track 6 (Click)

    The Cymatic Audio Live Player LP-16 also has the standard MIDI File player that could control the mixers scenes as each song could be configured with different internal voice F/X. Plus as the scenes change I would like the mixer to send a MIDI signal to the VoiceLive Rack for other vocal F/X. I also use Reaper(DAW system) and if possible would you have any knowledge on how to send the MIDI files to control the mixer? Would it be the same concept as controlling lights on stage with MIDI?

    Again, I would be happy to compensate you with payment for your time and effort.


    Larry 🙂

    P.S. I also do own a dbx DriveRack PA2 for optimizing and protect my loudspeakers later down the road when I get this all hooked up.

  13. Jesse says:

    Hi, dint know if you still attend to this blog, but I have a question. Got a Behringer X32 and need a lamp. What brand did you use in your YouTube video? All the right-angled lamps I’ve found angle down and get in the way of the control room section. Thanks.

  14. Femi Fakoya says:

    Great job Drew! i love your videos with love from Nigeria.
    Can you do a little video on that suboctaver thing? Thank you!

  15. deannicholl says:

    Hi Drew
    All I can say is Bless you for your detailed You Tube Videos. Our old desk at Church had slowly been losing channels so we just received a new X32 compact 2 weeks ago. Plugged into the existing snake to keep us going until we get the data cable installed and the s16 up and running. I got our 3 stage wedges going following step by step through your vids so thank you but I know what you mean about things getting messed up with different volunteers accidentally messing routing as this week we have no front of house. Praise the Lord for factory reset.
    I am very excited to continue through your videos and actually use some effects on Vocals etc.
    So again I just wanted to say thank you.
    Blessings Dean

  16. Chemaly Desir says:

    Hello Drew,

    I had a few questions regarding this amazing mixer. When using the matrix section as an outboard processor such as a crossover, I understand that in your YouTube video example you routed the outputs of matrix 1-5 to analog outputs 1-5. So what about outputs 15 and 16 which are normally the default outputs for the stereo bus?
    Let’s say I create a full range configuration of matrix 1-2 and a sub config of matrix 3. Can I just route matrix 1 and 2 to analog outputs 15-16 replacing the stereo bus with these since they’re going to my speakers? This way I would route matrix 3 to analog output 14 since that’s configured to the mono bus.
    I was just getting confused with the outputs section and how it can be used. I don’t see the point of routing the matrices to its respective outputs and to still have the stereo bus and mono bus outputs active as well.
    Sorry for all of the questions lol. But also how would it work if I have a graphic eq set up on the effects through my stereo bus?

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