Behringer X-Live SD Recording Expansion Card

by Drew Brashler in Behringer X-Live, Behringer X32
November 17, 2017 10 comments
Behringer X-Live - Dual SD Recording Card

Behringer X-Live

Dual SD Recorder & USB Expansion Card is here!

Behringer just released the Behringer X-Live expansion card and I am really excited to release my first look at this really amazing piece of gear! This is a direct replacement for the X-USB or X-UF expansion cards that ship with the Behringer X32 and is simple to install.

Behringer X-Live - Dual SD Recording Card Behringer X-Live - Dual SD Recording Card Behringer X-Live - Dual SD Recording Card

The Behringer X-Live card has dual SD/SDHC card slots and supports up to 32GB in size class 10 cards. Additionally, there is a CR123A battery slot to provide the X-Live the ability to finish saving the audio file in the case of power loss.

The real beauty of this card is that you can use both the SD card slot AND the USB jack of this card at the same time!

Behringer X-Live - Dual SD Recording Card Behringer X-Live - Dual SD Recording Card

Behringer X-Live – Fully Independent Recording and Playback

Okay, I am excited about this – fully independent recording and playback with the USB portion and the SD card portion. You can record 32 tracks of audio onto the SD card portion of the X-Live AND record 32 tracks of audio using the USB connection with your computer and DAW of your choice!

Another great option is using the SD card for recording and being able to use the USB for off-board effects processing with something like Waves MultiRack Native.

Behringer X-Live Specs:

  • 32-channel live recording and playback on dual SD/SDHC cards
  • Up to 3 hours of 48 kHz/32-bit PCM recording of 32 channels in one session, stored as uncompressed WAV files
  • 32-channel, bi-directional USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface for studio and live recording
  • Independent operation of SD cards and USB recording/playback
  • Remote control via PC, Android or iPad apps, assignable controls or compatible hardware control surfaces, such as the BEHRINGER X-TOUCH
  • Dual SD card slots to keep virtual sound check and live performance files separately available or for extended recording time
  • Unique sample-synchronized automatic spanning feature allows extending a session across both SD cards for more than 12 hours of 8-track recording time non-stop
  • Instantaneous live playback with preload and markers in the console UI and remote apps
    Markers can be set on the fly for identifying song positions while recording or playing back
  • All markers can be edited directly in the console GUI
  • Allows employing PC “Plug-Ins” for outboard effects processing via USB
  • Channel routing can be stored and automated for record/playback
  • Secure file handling in the event of power blackout (optional CR123A Lithium cell required)
  • HUI/Mackie Control emulation for controlling of any compatible DAW software from the console surface
  • Compatible with CoreAudio on Mac OSX

Fully Internal Solution for Virtual Sound Checks

My favorite part about the Behringer X-Live is the fact you can easily install a Virtual Sound Check DAW without any additional external gear! For the churches or venues that don’t have the space for outboard computers with DAW software, this is going to be incredible!

The Behringer X-Live Videos!

Behringer X-Live – Video 1 – Introduction & Install


Behringer X-Live – Video 2 – X-Live Firmware Update


Behringer X-Live – Video 3 – Routing & Menu


Behringer X-Live – Video 4 – Assign Section Tip


Keep an eye out for more videos and tips for using this card!

  1. James says:

    I seriously was expecting more than this when i heard the word “expansion”
    All the Aux ins seems can’t be use if using the stage box, am i right?

    1. dbbaudio says:

      Great question James! Just like any of the other expansion cards, it is 32 input/32 output so if you wanted to have some of your aux inputs to show up on the card, you would need to route them there! You can route those via Routing>Card Out then select the aux instead of the XLR.

  2. Danny says:

    Hi Drew, thanks for the videos.
    Are there no rewind (fast rewind) or forward (fast forward) buttons?
    I also noticed that they skipped just being able to record 24 tracks as they go from 8 to 16 to 32. Yes we also wish that they would add a way of naming the tracks in the board it self. The only way I know is to do it with the computer.
    Many thanks for all the great info.

    1. dbbaudio says:

      Danny, I will have to double check on the fast forward and the rewind. It is possible they tucked those into the assign section of the board.

  3. Brad Schlueter says:

    Great videos on this new card. Newbie question: Is it possible to record with the X32 effects “printed” to the SD Card? Or playback through one card and record with effects to a second card?

    1. dbbaudio says:

      Thanks for the question Brad! You could use a few workarounds to record post fader, check them out on this video: We are still limited to the routing of the board. Hopefully that helps you!

  4. Mark K. says:

    Are they planning on releasing a dual x-usb module. I could really use it for my churches live stream. One of them records the other one feeds the live stream.

    1. dbbaudio says:

      I don’t think so. But you could do this using Behringer X-DANTE card or the Waves X-WSG card. Dante would probably be the easier solution for your setup, but either of those cards would be able to place the audio in multiple locations using CAT5 and an associated network switch.

  5. John Belitsky says:

    Did I miss the price??

    1. dbbaudio says:

      The MSRP on it is $199!

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