Audio Consult with Drew

If you have spent any time around my YouTube channel, you’ll notice that I love sharing my production knowledge. I always aim to be mindful of helping those around me. I try to give as much info away for free as I possibly can.

Often, I receive messages with very specific questions that can only be answered through a 1:1 consultation. If you’d like to set one up, I’ll be happy to meet with you virtually via Zoom.

Some topics you might want to discuss include:

  • Mixing techniques & training
  • Audio infrastructure
  • Wireless RF coordination
  • Future room upgrade recommendations
  • Microphone suggestions
  • How my experience has led me down the career path I’m on

As much as I would love to answer every email, I have to completely halt my videos, work, and personal life to discuss each question. I am a husband and father to three kids, work full time as a Production Director at a church, and produce free YouTube training videos on production gear.

These consultations are a 1-hour call for $200 USD and any unused time will not be applied to a future conversation. I’ll do everything I can to prepare for your questions beforehand with the information you provide. I’ll answer your questions to the best of my ability but there are no guarantees you will like my answers.

I book these consults through Calendly and you can find my availability below. Please email me your questions or general setup 24-hours ahead so that we can maximize your time.