Behringer X-AIR Presets Library Download

Behringer X Air Presets Library Download



After so many requests to release my X32 Preset Library for the X-Air series consoles, I have put these together into a downloadable package! Over the years as an audio engineer, you tend to learn certain tricks to sculpt the right sound out of an instrument or microphone. I have spent the time placing my knowledge and experience into this Behringer X-Air Presets Library Download so that you can quickly finish sound check and get to having more fun mixing!

These presets work for all of the Behringer X-Air consoles including:

These presets also work for the following Midas consoles:

24 X AIR Presets for your Behringer Library

Included in the download are 24 presets that range through all of the popular instruments. They include:

  1. dBB-Kick Out B52
  2. dBB-Kick In B91
  3. dBB-KickDrum B91
  4. dBB-KickDrum B52
  5. dBB-Snare NoTone
  6. dBB-Snare Easy
  7. dBB-Snare
  8. dBB-Snare Bottom
  9. dBB-Hi Tom
  10. dBB-Mid Tom
  11. dBB-Floor Tom
  12. dBB-Hi Hat
  13. dBB-Ride
  14. dBB-Overheads
  15. dBB-Electric GTR
  16. dBB-Acoustic GTR
  17. dBB-Keyboard
  18. dBB-Bass 1
  19. dBB-Bass 2
  20. dBB-Bass LowFreq
  21. dBB-Bass HiFreq
  22. dBB-MaleLessBass
  23. dBB-Male Vocal
  24. dBB-Female Vocal

Behringer X-Air Presets Download Documentation included!
Behringer XR18 Presets


Not only do you get a full set of 24 presets for your library, but a .PDF that includes the WHY for the settings that I applied to the channel. Often times presets will help you get the sound you are looking for, but you don’t know HOW it helped get the sound. If you don’t understand the how you won’t feel confident to tweak the preset to really sculpt the perfect sound for your mix. This is why I not only include the presets with the download but a 24 page .PDF with SO much information on why I applied the settings that I did. Presets are not an ‘end all fix all’ item, they are merely a very good starting ground for getting that golden mix you want.


Behringer X Air Presets Library Download


NOTE: X AIR Edit is required for loading onto your XR12, XR16, XR18 and X18. You can download X Air Edit through Behringer’s Website here. Also, a .PDF reader is required for viewing the documentation. Make sure to have the most current version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free here from Adobe.