Behringer X32 Routing Worksheet

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These downloadable worksheets are meant to help you plan the inputs and outputs of your sound board. I always found that being highly organized leads to being successful and efficient on the day of the show or service. Using these worksheets will not only help you plan and stay organized, but the rest of your team will be able to see the routing and workflow that you have planned on paper.

Includes forms for:

  • Physical Routing & Assignment
  • X32 Inputs & Outputs
  • X32 Channel Assignments
  • Channel MixBus & DCA Assignments
  • Matrix Assignments
  • Output Routing Destinations

I use these on a daily basis!

I found that over the years, all of my pen & paper diagrams and routing worksheets looked the same! These are the very same sheets that I use today when planning the routing for any group, service or band coming through my sound board.

Best Practices for using the Behringer X32 Routing Worksheet:

I have found that over the years you should not only think of your inputs when planning your routing but the outputs too! In my experience, plan the outputs first! This will ensure that you have enough mix busses, matrices, and physical outputs planned for your routing. Placing these in your mind first will help plan the remainder of the routing workflow a breeze.


NOTE: A .PDF reader is required for viewing these routing sheets. Adobe Forms & Text Input are supported by the most current version of Adobe Reader which can be downloaded for free here from Adobe.